The Record Store Book

Fifty of Southern California's Most Iconic and Legendary Record Stores

Photography by Mike Spitz * Interviews by Rebecca Villaneda

Shooting on Film

Posted on 04 Sep 2013 in The book | 0 comments

Writer Rebecca Villaneda is finishing up her interviews with store owners, and I am working on layout designs for the book with designer and bookmaker Carlos Benitez from Global Media Network. We are designing a prototype that can be shown to publishers, or that we can use if we choose to self-publish. The design process is fun but takes a long time, and because I shot all imagery on film, scanning negatives is necessary. The good news with film is that the images will have that “film look” which is appropriate for a nostalgic project about¬†records and record stores. Film is the analog process of photography, equivalent to analog tape/records are to digital recordings on CD’s and MP3s.¬† So film fits a project about records and record stores.


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