The Record Store Book

Fifty of Southern California's Most Iconic and Legendary Record Stores

Photography by Mike Spitz * Interviews by Rebecca Villaneda

There Are Still Record Stores Around?

Posted on 21 Aug 2013 in The book | 2 comments

YES. There are still record stores around, and in abundance. The number is growing. In Los Angeles alone, there are almost thirty record stores, and some of these are new stores that opened up during the shooting of this project. The oldest existing record store in the Los Angeles area is Canterbury Records in Pasadena, opened in 1956. Music Man Murray, opened in 1962, is the oldest record store owner, now in his nineties. Some of the newest stores include Gimme Gimme Records after moving to Highland Park from Greenwich Village, Touch Vinyl, Mono Records, Mt. Analog, Vacation Records, High Fideilty, and the Eagle Rock location of Permanent Records which started in Chicago. These are almost like “boutique” or curated stores, being smaller and mostly specializing in vinyl. In total, we shot 46 record stores for the book.

I love them all, and my Vinyl collection has grown since the beginning of this project. Everytime I do a photo shoot, I  end up buying records as my way of giving back to the store. I picked up copies, not reissues, of The Who’s Magic Bus and The Who Sell Out at Gimme Gimme Records. And they were only $30 each – which is a great price. I had been looking for these LP’s in good condition and at a reasonable price. I also got a copy of Jerry Garcia’s first solo LP, again in good condition.

When I tell people about this project, they cannot believe I found forty six stores. They are there, and a store might be right down the street, in your neighborhood.




  1. Mary Makowsky / August 31st, 2013 21:05

    Wow, I had no idea there were still so many record stores out there. Can’t wait to see the finished product!


    • admin / September 1st, 2013 5:58

      Yes, many stores and more and more are popping up everywhere. This is an exciting time for record stores and small business owners who want to start a record store.


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