The Record Store Book

Fifty of Southern California's Most Iconic and Legendary Record Stores

Photography by Mike Spitz * Interviews by Rebecca Villaneda


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Canterbury girltif

Canterbury Records – Pasadena, California
This shot was taken on Record Store Day 2013. Canterbury is the oldest existing record store in the Los Angeles area, established in 1956.



Amoeba Records – Los Angeles, California
Vinyl Rock Section



David James – aka David Noise – owner of Factory Records
Costa Mesa, California

Canterbury lot

Owner Rusty Gordon in the parking lot behind Canterbury Records



Buffalo Records – Ventura, California
The brick & mortar storefront is now gone, converted to online sales.


Vip Sign

The famous sign on the rooftop of VIP Records – Long Beach, California



Roy Kaiser, owner of Record Recycler
Torrance, California

Gradys 1

Grady at Grady’s Records – Ventura, California
Holding the first Jefferson Airplane LP

Record Outlet owner 1

KC Staples, owner of Record Outlet – Thousand Oaks, California


Norwalk - Richard with Supremes LP

Richard Sneed, owner of Norwalk Records
Norwalk, California


Mr. C's store

Inside Mr. C’s Records – Orange, California


Owners on Couch

High Fidelity Records – Los Angeles, California


Mr. C's store

Inside the store at Mr. C’s Records – Orange, California

Am Pie

American Pie Records – Ventura, California

Dennis Hartman

Dennis Hartman, owner of American Pie Records
Ventura, California


Pm Sounds

Mr C

Mr. C’s Records – Orange, California

Mr C's 45s

45’s at Mr. C’s Records – Orange, California

Pm Sounds 2


Steve Mintz, owner of Bagatelle Records in Long Beach, California

Record surplus

Record Surplus- Santa Monica, California

Record surplus desk

Storefront Mono Records – Echo Park neighborhood of Los Angeles
One of the newer stores that have opened in LA during the shooting of this project. Mono is the smallest brick and mortar record store in LA – just one room, very cozy, a very cool owner, and a “vinyl only” store.


Amoeba Records – Los Angeles
Marc Weinstein is co-founder and co-owner of Amoeba, the largest retail record store in the United States – with three locations including Berkeley and San Francisco. Marc was very gracious and generous, spending several hours with me for our photo shoot. The laid back welcoming vibe one feels when going to Amoeba is really set by Marc. He’s the man!

Record cover wall

Vinyl Solution – Hungtinton Beach, California
One of the many record cover walls that surround the store. The owner is very hip and a huge David Bowie and Tom Waits fan.

more records on wall

Poo-Bah Records – Pasadena, California
One of the older stores from the 1970’s but with newer ownership. The store is located in a historic building that was formerly the home of Karl’s Shoes. The writing on the ground in the foyer just outside the front door has the letters spelling Karl’s.


TKO Records – Fountain Valley, California
Owner Mark Rainey, holding an array of hand picked vinyl for our photo shoot. This store specializes in punk rock.

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